HealSmart Personalized Woundcare System

The HealSmart Personalized Woundcare System (HealSmart™) offers a new way to deliver wound care to patients in the in-home setting. For the first time, clinicians can connect to a single solution for streamlined assessment data capture and dressing selection, home delivery of personalized dressings and clear, real-time reports. Uniting these components into a single solution that’s accessible through the web, phone, EHR and mobile applications empowers clinicians to manage the healing process while reducing the costs of care.

HealSmart Assessment Eliminates Assessment Variability

  • Standardized assessments drive treatment accuracy and ensure documentation compliance
  • Intelligent alerts draw attention to clinical and operational issues and ensure appropriate follow-up

HealSmart Personalized Dressings ensure the Right Dressing for Right Wound at the Right Time

  • HealSmart algorithm suggests the optimal dressing based upon wound assessment
  • Patented microfiber technology enables dressing to adjust as wound heals
  • Dressings are enhanced with PHMB antimicrobial and Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
  • Dressing ships directly to patient’s door, eliminating cost and confusion of inventory management

HealSmart Analytics can Drive Visibility to Clinicians, WOCN’s, Managers, Physicians, and Payers

  • Actionable analytics proactively draw attention to wounds requiring increased attention
  • Clinical intelligence predict adverse clinical outcomes and offer solutions via real-time teleconsults
  • Business intelligence predicts and prevents over-utilization of labor and supply resources
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