A recent study (Source: Jones, Katherine R.; Fennie, Kristopher; Lenihan, Amber.  Evidence-Based Management of Chronic Wounds) sought to determine whether wound assessment standardization and adherence to a wound dressing protocol improved wound healing. The study found that the group of nurses with the most comprehensive wound assessments and the best adherence to a dressing selection protocol also produced the highest percentage of healed wounds and the lowest percentage of stalled wounds.

These types of insights fuel our passion to develop HealSmart Assessment – an intuitive, structured wound assessment application that ensures a comprehensive and standardized assessment.

Imbedded within these assessments are intelligent alerts that will alert a clinician if a wound’s healing trajectory begins to suffer. The software looks for clues of a stalling or deteriorating wound, an infection, or other adverse events.  It alerts the clinician of the pending issue and records the clinician’s response plan.

Users can work with HealSmart Assessment many different ways – through the web, via their EHR, on their mobile device, or even through the phone.

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