In today’s healthcare environment, treatments must be both clinically and economically effective. This is particularly true in home care where clinical and economic efficiency can mean the difference between a healed patient or a return to the hospital.

The following calculator provides an estimate of potential savings using the HealSmart system.

What is your average Wound Care Census?

  HealSmart Non-HealSmart
Average Wound Census (# patients)
Average treated w/dressings
HealSmart analysis of 155 wounds; 73 treated w/ HealSmart, 82 w/ existing standard of care
52.1 53.9
Medicare average
.42 .42
Estimated fully loaded cost of nurse visit
$120 $120
Based on HealSmart wound care data
1.6 1.6
Cost/dressing change
Estimated average cost for a dressing change (all supplies) based on HealSmart market research
$10 $10
Annual Revenue ($3.2K/episode)
Estimate based on Medicare reimbursement per 60 day episode for patients with wounds
Total Annual Nurse Visits
Total Fully Loaded Visit Cost
Total Annual Wound Dressings Cost
Total Cost
Direct Profit, Wound Care Patients
Annual Profit Improvement  
Based on an average wound census of your agency can improve wound care profitability by