Wound Care Clinics

Frequently, Wound Care Clinics are working in conjunction with Home Health Agencies to treat wound care patients. These patients can be treated in the clinic with HealSmart Antimicrobial Dressings with HA as appropriate. And, by prescribing “treat with HealSmart” for HHA care, you can have confidence that outside of the clinic patients will receive the appropriate size, shape and type of wound dressings to optimize healing.

Furthermore, with the data provided by the HealSmart system, HHAs can provide the clinic patient progress updates and alerts to ensure the right care plan is being followed and to highlight success stories.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Within wound care, Skilled Nursing Facilities have many of the same challenges that exist in Home Health Agencies: variability in wound assessment, nurse training, physician focus, and dressing selection; lack of visibility on wound progress and outcomes; and challenging and costly patients. The HealSmart System and Personalized Antimicrobial Dressings provide SNFs with a simple tool to:

  • Conduct standardized wound care assessments
  • Based on assessment data, recommend and order the HealSmart Personalized Antimicrobial Dressing with HA that is the exact size, shape and type required for that patient at that time
  • Provide visibility into wound care progress through real-time alerts and reports

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