We understand that wound care is complex.  Conflicting orders, knowledge deficits, multiple dressing options and patient compliance are just a few of the things that can add to the challenge.  However, caring for your wound care patients can be both smart and simple with the HealSmart™ Personalized Wound Care System.

The HealSmart System helps you confidently care for your wound care patients by standardizing assessment, optimizing dressing selection, and delivering personalized HealSmart™ dressings directly to your patients to meet the specific needs of each wound.

You’ll also receive real-time feedback that helps you track healing trajectory and engage your patients with personalized, objective information about their progress. With HealSmart, you gain the resources that you need to make a visible, measurable impact in your patients’ lives.

In addition, HealSmart customers will receive several exclusives provided only to HealSmart customers including:

Customer education

Increase your clinicians’ knowledge on topics such as wound assessment and treatment, microbial burden/PHMB, wound types, wound measurements, and SBAR communication.

HHA marketing kit

Customize an FAQ flashcard to assist you in educating referral sources about your HealSmart Personalized Woundcare System.

Prescription management

Benefit from a HealSmart representative accompanying you on physician calls and guiding you with an SBAR script.

Standardized price list

Enjoy a standard price with volume discounts and no worries about distributor markup.


HealSmart Analytics can also be provided to view the healing trajectory of each patient over time.

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