HealSmart™ Analytics provide a clear view of each patient’s healing trajectory, in real-time and over time, in order to stimulate effective dialogue with nurses and patients throughout the healing progression.  Additionally, HealSmart Analytics offers several specific reports in order to provide insights into wound census, visit frequency and dressing utilization.

Wound Management Dashboard

The Wound Management Dashboard offers an agency a review of all their wound care patients including last visit date, the age of the wound, area change since onset and area change over the last 14 days.

Alerts Report

If a wound has stalled or deteriorated, you want to know.  The HealSmart Alerts Report provides a list of recent assessments where wound size, drainage or pain levels have increased, or where wound progress has stalled.  This list can be sorted and provides drill-down capability so you can understand and take action on problematic wounds.

Wound Census Report

The Wound Census Report provides a count of total, healed and unhealed wounds for active patients, as well as a comparison of the specific wound types your agency is treating.  These  insights allow focus on the specific wounds your team is seeing and where you need to concentrate education or hands on training.

Visit Frequency Report

Have you ever wondered how nurse visit frequency correlates to wound healing at your agency?  The Visit Frequency Report provides that answer and allows you to identify those wounds that aren’t responding to the additional visits that are sometimes prescribed for patients.  After identification, the Visit Frequency Report cites the area and depth change to initiate a possible change of treatment with physicians.

Dressing Utilization Report

While utilizing the HealSmart System, your nurses will be directed to specific, personalized HealSmart Antimicrobial Dressings for each patient.  The Dressing Utilization Report provides information on the number of patients and wounds treated with HealSmart dressings, and the number of dressings ordered.  This information could prove insightful as we work with your agency to track and compare outcomes, effectiveness and dressing utilization.

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